Top conservation destinations to visit on board a yacht charter

Published 15 December 2023

Make your yacht charter a force for good. From supporting ocean conservation initiatives to engaging with local communities, a superyacht charter can be enjoyable and luxurious while still being a force for good. Burgess recommends ocean conservation programmes and community initiatives to ensure your next yacht charter has a real positive impact. 

Top conservation destinations to visit on board a yacht charter

Ensure your next yacht charter has a net benefit to the world by visiting cruising areas where conservation is on the agenda alongside the watersports. Travel beyond your comfort zone, embarking on an genuine adventure, while at the same time giving something back. Whether by joining a marine conservation programme, or volunteering at local community projects that contribute to the cruising area. 

Set sail to some of the most breathtaking conservation destinations in the world 

There are a number of organisations in cruising grounds around the world where yachts and their guests can participate and experience the local culture; while at the same time helping the local community in a direct and authentic way. Here, we outline just a handful of the initiatives available to charterers looking to support significant social and environmental change for the future.  

Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center 

One of the most intriguing parts of travel entails learning about a destination, and a yacht charter can take you on an exciting journey of discovery. The rugged coastline of Alaska is one location which can provide the perfect cruising ground for an adventurous charter. America’s 49th state is home to an incredibly diverse array of wildlife species and the lands and waters here are critical to wildlife around the world, including migrating humpback whales and resident salmon, sea lions, seals and porpoise. Just witnessing them in their natural habitat gives human beings a vital perspective of the fragile ecosystems and how vital it is to protect them.  

Visit some of Alaska's incredible wildlife in their natural habitats

From educational and cultural programmes ashore to the protection of ecosystems afloat, there are several ways to get involved in community and ocean conservation activities. The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is just one of many non-profit sanctuaries dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife through conservation, education, research and rehabilitation. Located in Portage Valley, approximately 40 nautical miles from Anchorage and near to the stunning Portage Glacier, the center’s 200 acres of animal enclosures are surrounded by the Chugach Mountain Range and Turnagain Arm Inlet. Whether visiting, donating or volunteering here, there are plenty of ways to play your part in helping the center, and in turn the wildlife, while on a yacht charter in the Gulf of Alaska.  

Marine conservation volunteering in Thailand

Turn your attention to the cruising grounds of Thailand this winter and explore the shimmering blue waters of the Andaman Sea. With its deserted islands, amazing underwater life and well-protected anchorages, a yacht charter through this adventure playground can be both eye-opening and meaningful, while still being restorative and luxurious. From the popular island of Phuket, you can cruise to these largely uninhabited surrounding islands, famous for their stunning topography both above and below the waterline.  

Get involved and volunteer to help with marine conservation in Thailand 

The area of Phang Nga Bay is made up of over 100 islands, most of which are uninhabited, offering secluded anchorages under soaring cliffs fringed with jungle. The islands’ main draw, however, is the rich marine life which, as with all the world’s oceans, really needs our protection. Fortunately, there are plenty of conservation programmes for waterborne guests to support while cruising in the Andaman Sea. For example, aiding in the protection of declining populations of marine life can make for a truly rewarding experience. You could even join your own exclusive conservation project planting coral frames, volunteering for an organised beach or reef clean-up, or monitoring marine life through organisations such as the Blue Marine Foundation, who Burgess partner in their marine conservation programme Blue Oceans.

Volunteer at Nyaru Menteng in Indonesia

It isn’t just marine conservation that can make a difference; whether exploring rural communities or discovering local cultures, a charter provides the perfect opportunity for guests to join local projects that make a positive contribution to the local communities. One such initiative is the Nyaru Menteng Santuary in Indonesia. Not only does the sanctuary help to rehabilitate orphaned orangutans back to the wild, but it provides employment and educational opportunities for local people, and agricultural alternatives for a sustainable future.

Many sanctuaries in Indonesia care for sun bears alongside orphaned orangutans 

The latter is of vital importance as illegal logging has decimated the natural landscapes of Borneo, leaving a depleted rainforest, the natural habitat for orangutans, and allowing poachers easy access. Whether it is volunteering at the sanctuary to care for the orangutans, or planting trees to preserve the remaining wildlife and biodiversity in the area, a yacht charterer’s participation can make a real difference.   

Protect nesting turtles in Greece

The opportunities to become a citizen scientist and to be involved in meaningful projects are plentiful when cruising aboard a superyacht.  You could incorporate the collection of vital data and helping with scientific research while on board, or get involved in hands-on conservation programmes, such as tagging marine life, protecting wildlife and restoring habitats. There are certainly all manner of global initiatives around the world that allow the waterborne to make a valued contribution. 

Make memories that will last a lifetime volunteering in Greece 

While cruising the western coastline of the Peloponnese in Greece, for example, join a beach patrol on the beaches of Kyparissia, in search of hatching loggerhead turtles, relocating their nests to safety and providing protection to the tiny hatchlings as they embark on their first journey to the ocean.  When cruising the Ionian archipelago, why not head ashore to the white sand beaches of Kefalonia and monitor nesting activity. Here you can also survey the behaviour of adult sea turtles and help to protect the foraging areas of the endangered green turtles that gracefully roam these waters. You can also participate in monitoring and surveying the seagrass meadows, which serve as a vital habitat for many species, including rare and endangered monk seals. 

Contribute to communities in the Galapagos  

A real-world example of the land that time forgot, the Galapagos Islands are a must-do for any nature lover looking to explore. Replete with incredible wildlife both on land and beneath the waterline, exploring the archipelago by superyacht charter provides guests with endless opportunities for diving, while unique encounters ashore can involve witnessing how a wide variety of species co-exist with their environment.  

Create lifetime memories and experiences while visiting the Galapagos

While cruising the Galapagos, taking part in a meaningful project will not only help locals but will be an enriching experience for all involved. Non-profit organisations, such as the humanitarian and conservation coastal aid programme YachtAid Global, with a number of local programmes in the Galapagos. One such initiative that charter guests can get involved in is volunteering at the sailing and swimming school that YachtAid Global launched across the three main Galapagos islands – San Cristobal, Isabela and Santa Cruz, where young locals learn how to swim and sail.  

Volunteer your time and participate in the YachtAid Global swimming school initiative

Many of YachtAid Global’s community initiatives also have conservation components built in, such as the Galapagos public library. Launched by YachtAid Global with help from volunteers, the library runs educational workshops in conservation, while the sailing and swimming school teaches the younger generation about reusables, therefore making conservation a part of the life for both current and future generations.  

Get ready to embark on your next adventure yacht charter with BurgessEnquire now.

Of course, it isn’t just about giving back. Wherever you choose to cruise your Burgess charter expert can advise on the most suitable cruising ground and help you plan your itinerary so that you can combine plenty of downtime onboard enjoying the yacht’s facilities with enriching excursions ashore. Wherever you cruise, choose to give back with a little of your time or donation and make your charter a force for good.   

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